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“Crown Prince Mohammed is trying to rein in widespread corruption, not discretionary spending by the future king, said Bernard Haykel, professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton University. He says Saudis don't consider splashy purchases to be corruption, nor do they typically object to wealthy princes investing in.

Arabic is not a small, minority language. It is the fourth most widely spoken language in Australia. The decision to ban some NSW prisoners speaking it is not only possibly a human rights breach but also just lazy, according to Greg.

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Notwithstanding, this is a controversial step that will displease many groups, but for Arab Americans, the prospects of being fully counted is a welcome step even though some have expressed reservations. The recent recommendations.

After sweeping into Iraq, the jihadists of ISIS tweeted pictures of a bulldozer crashing through the Syria-Iraq border. This symbolic action against a century-old.

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Oct 22, 2012  · This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by an Anonymous User on Quora: As an Arab American woman raised in.

May 20, 2014  · Today in Slate, June Thomas talks to Cliff Curtis, a Maori from New Zealand who has played just about every ethnicity Hollywood was willing to throw his.

Arab Health is a must-visit for healthcare organizations and influencers of all shapes and sizes with the future of the industry on display for all to see.

Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August’s 40 maps that explain the world. Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool.

The United Arab Emirates isn’t exactly a hockey superpower, but the nation is working at developing the game within its borders. They’ve had some success at the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia, winning gold in 2009 and in 2012, but there,

Qatar will open a new museum on Dec. 30 devoted to modern Arab art in its capital, Doha. Called Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, it will house a collection of more than 6,000 works, spanning the 1840s to the present and representing.

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Oct 3, 2016. Where are those voices in the Arab world that called so compellingly for change and spurred the 2011 uprisings that swept across the region? Which spaces are they using for expression as governments crack down on street protests, civil society, and media? The Carnegie Endowment hosted a lunch.

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A Qatari poet was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday for a verse that drew inspiration from the Arab Spring. Qatari officials claimed that the poem, “Tunisian Jasmine,” by Muhammad ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami, insulted their nation’s.

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“The narrow pass, surrounded by three mountains, gradually opened wider, revealing all that it had, like the generosity of its people, but sometimes it also closed in on itself, like the Yazidi religion.” Recent Posts. Poetry Translation Centre: Work on Poetry from Syria, Egypt and Iraq with Alice Guthrie. By mlynxqualey on.

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Aug 4, 2011. According to a new Harvard University survey that was partially funded by the State Department, 7% of Arab bloggers have been arrested or detained over the past year while 30% have been threatened.

Amnesty International has singled out WikiLeaks and the newspapers that worked with catalysts in the pro-democracy movements that have swept through the Middle East and North Africa. The Guardian, which was one of those papers,

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But other moves may not be so disadvantageous. It is also possible that some Arab nations that are currently working with Israel on business ventures and anti-Iran intelligence will eliminate these connections, or greatly reduce them.

Aug 11, 2014. With Dubai and Abu Dhabi listed among the world's top-40 fashion capitals, a growing troop of fashion bloggers is thriving in the region. Here's our 5 pick.

In recent years, a large body of popular and scholarly literature has appeared on the question of sectarianism in the Arab region. The growth in this field has been spurred by the US-led invasion of Iraq, Saudi-Iranian rivalry, and the development and intensification of conflicts that have sectarian dimensions in various.

May 6, 2017. Most Arab countries today are governed by more or less authoritarian regimes that nourish a patriarchal social and political order. This order marginalizes young people, and particularly women. There are moments when it is openly challenged. We saw it across the Arab world in 2011 and afterwards.

Facing financial pressures, the Egyptian government decided in 2015 to turn to the IMF for a $12 billion loan. The IMF is the last resort for countries experiencing economic crises. Borrowing countries are often required to implement Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs), which often involve restructuring the economies.

a Arab ethnicity should not be confused with non-Arab ethnicities that are also native to the Arab world. b Not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs.

Oct 22, 2011. They are bloggers, activists and many of them train others in their community on how to find a voice on the internet, and become citizen journalists in their own right. The Third Arab Bloggers Meeting brought some of the most active cyberactivists in North Africa and the Middle East together in the Tunisian.

Blogosphere The collective community of all blogs and blog authors, particularly notable and widely read blogs, is known as the blogosphere. Since all blogs are on.

It was a revolution that, in the case of Ms. Ben Mhenni, began even before the Arab Spring. Now a teaching assistant in linguistics at Tunis University, she began the blog in 2007, the year her mother donated a kidney to her to replace the.

Oct 12, 2017. Category: Blog. Shubbak Festival dates announced: 1 – 16 July 2017 Shubbak has become a key moment in the arts calendar of the UK and the Arab World, bringing new and unexpected voices alongside established artists to new audiences every two years. The festival returns to London from 1–16 July.

Even though the Saudis would love to manipulate Jerusalem into a war against Hezbollah, client of their mutual enemy Iran, Israel is becoming ever more part of the Arab Middle East. One surprise was that Theresa May gave the best,

But what do Israeli arabs really think about Israel? If you ask the Arab members of parliament, the answer will be contempt: contempt from the discrimination which they claim goes way back to the beginning of the state, from the.

Apr 3, 2017. Some of the president's biggest fans come from a part of the world you might not expect.

It doesn't matter where anyone builds their diplomatic palaces. Jerusalem still speaks Arabic. I've heard her. Hundreds of restaurants offer falafel, hummus, shawarma, pomegranate juice, and knafeh. Believe me. I've tried them all. But there aren't any delis. No corned beef sandwiches on rye. No bagel shops. No lox. Don't.

May 24, 2017. In a press conference with President Donald Trump upon his visit to Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "For the first time in my lifetime, and for the first time in the life of my country, Arab countries in the region do not see Israel as an enemy, but, increasingly, as an ally".

James Mattis, the retired Marine Corps general who has been tapped to be Donald Trump’s secretary of defense, is known for his earthy aphorisms — eminently.

In the chaos of the Middle East, there is still one place that’s not a disaster zone. It is Tunisia, where the Arab Spring was born and where the dream of co-existence between Islam and democracy continues to be championed — and put.

Around midnight, upstairs in a small club on Avenue of the Americas, the pitch-black dance floor resounded with the rapid stomps and warbling, high-energy cries of the dabke, an Arab folk dance performed at weddings and other.

Jun 13, 2017. The Arab world is in a sorry state. The spat between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Qatar is but the latest symptom of an enduring serious rot in governance and a destructive power struggle in the wake of the Arab Spring. This situation is compounded by a lack of constructive dialogue on.

Online via, users wanting more information about the digitally-fueled revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and more will find video profiles of some of the most active “web warriors” of the Arab world.

“Digital democracy” continues to thrive in the Arab world, with “Twitpics” of Egyptians lined. Ultimately, of course, the Internet doesn’t have a truth filter. Those who read blog posts, watch videos, and study photographs have to evaluate.

al-Shabab. “This is America, and English is our language, and while I understand the alleged premise of offering Arabic at our high school, I don’t agree with it,” said Michael Rife, who lives in Daphne. “It is not just another language.

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Then the General Assembly denounced the U.S. in a resolution supported by all our key NATO allies, Russia and China, and every Arab and Muslim nation. His website is

Welcome to the biggest list of travel blogs and websites on the Internet. YES, 2300 blogs! The aim of creating this list is to gather

Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August’s 40 maps that explain the world. Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool.

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